Anne Frank in Heaven

Yesterday was Anne Frank’s birthday. I wrote a short tribute and posted it on my FB page.

The previous evening I reflected on her, as I often do, because I identified the asteroid Anne Frank in my astrology chart and saw some curious aspects causing me to grab the book she wrote and kiss her picture on the cover. Anne was 15 when she died and I have a 15-year-old daughter.  I looked up Anne’s birthday and discovered it was the next day.

A mirror broke in my daughter’s room the day before, and she posted it on FB with the caption, “Broken mirror, missing wallet, clogged toilet. Well, at least it’s entertaining.”

I assumed she’d been hazed while away at her ballet intensive; so did others when she didn’t answer her phone. After her father, grandmother, and the director of the school were notified she returned my call, so I sent an “all-clear” email, after speaking to her about social media wording.

What I noticed about Anne Frank and other artists is this: when they recognized their true vocations and got to it, everything else became secondary.

I just did a synastry chart with my daughter’s birth chart and the chart of the moment the mirror broke.

Being subtle work, divination requires not taking heaven by storm, unless you’re Anne Frank. It’s not surprising the broken mirror would relate to a rambunctious kid like her. The DC was conjunct her asteroid in Aries on natal Juno, and the AC was on Juno  in Libra.

Retrograde Pluto in Sagittarius is exactly trine the North Node in Leo.